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ALCAR Will Get You Fired Up

ALCAR—short for acetyl l-carnitine—is one of those odd jack-of-all-trades supplements that can help just about anyone. It has a huge list of benefits, from increasing your energy levels to alleviating depression to improving your metabolism and more.

ALCAR is an amino acid that increases energy production in your body at the cellular level. It’s a modified form of l-carnitine that is higher bioavailability and can cross the blood-brain barrier, where it aids the transport of fat into your cells’ mitochondria. The net effect of this is an increase in your energy levels.

ALCAR has helped me in so many ways that it’s become one of the most important supplements in my stack. Its native benefits combined with the synergistic effects it has with other supplements I use make it an absolute must-own for any man.

ALCAR Takes the Edge Off

The biggest change I noticed when taking ALCAR is that my energy leveled off. Ordinarily, when taking stimulants such as caffeine or bee pollen, I get an initial burst of energy which tapers off, leaving me logy and tired. When I combine caffeine and ALCAR, my energy doesn’t go up nearly as much, but it tapers off much more slowly and naturally. This makes it easier for me to stay productive for a longer period of time.

Additionally, when I combine ALCAR with nootropics such as vinpocetine and huperzine, I get a synergistic effect where my senses and memory are heightened beyond what each supplement individually. According to Pill Scout, because both ALCAR and huperzine are both cholinergics, you should cut your dose of the former when combining them so you don’t waste it. I’ve noticed that when I half my ALCAR dose to 250 mg when I take huperzine, I get the same effect as 500 mg.

Finally, because ALCAR is synergistic with the amino acid arginine, it may be synergistic with l-citrulline, which increases arginine. Pill Scout reported that ALCAR improved his circulation slightly; I haven’t noticed any changes to that effect, but it might just be me. He also noted that ALCAR decreased the amount of sleep he needed to be functional; again, I haven’t noticed any changes in that department, but it might help you out.

Overall, I can’t recommend ALCAR enough. Its energy-boosting properties combined with its synergistic effects with other nootropics make it an excellent all-around supplement.

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